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Voices of our city

Our neighbors speak out against the irresponsible DSNY plan threatening our communities, and in support of the beautiful green initiative HUDSON RISE! Read their comments. See their photos. Contribute your thoughts, and photos of yourself, your family or colleagues, many of which will be posted on this site. Email brief messages and photos to: info@realizehudsonrise.org.

(Note: We encourage you to identify your area of work, study or interest and whether you live, work or go to school in the area.)

"Don't trash the beauty of Hudson Square."

Harry Pinkney


Chad Williams, long time employee @ Big Apple LIghts + Liberty View Corp.

"I grew up on Canal Street and have witnessed fight after fight in an effort to maintain the historical identity and character of our neighborhood. Hudson Rise is a refreshing shift in development, which is long over due. This is a collaborative effort with the city to make a positive transformation, for us all to take to control of the circumstances by creating this inspiring landscape."

Arielle Amenoff

"My name is Zoe and I am 7. Please put a park on top and do not only do a nasty garage!"

Zoe Zakrzewski

"My view; so near so far! Our own local urban life needs better design of humanized spaces. We need decent realized sanitation services that help us limit our waste."

Rip Hayman (The James Brown House)

"A dump with dignity would like to remain a dump with dignity. No excess."

Martin Sheridan (The Ear Inn)

"I've lived in the neighbourhood for ten years. I have a 16 year-old son and eleven year old twins, a boy and a girl. I love the development of the park along the river but would like to see a safer way to cross the highway. That is a big concern. I also welcome any other sports facities like a skating rink and a swimming pool. That would be wonderful."

Nancy Ross & 11 yr. old son Nathaniel Pearson

"The city should take this opportunity to be visionary and create a resident approved sanitation plan that sets the standard for a green future, particularly for a neighborhood that already shoulders a heavy transit responsibility with all its attendant health risks."

Desirée Alvarez

"On the increasingly vital amenity of our Hudson River waterfront for both neighbors and tourists we have the opportunity to build an iconic structure. Hudson Rise will be a landmark adding to downtown's already illustrious international list. Let's show vision."

Gary Stephan, painter living and working here for 35 years

"I've lived in Hudson Square since 1984. I haven't just watched it change -- by living here, I've been part of making it change. The printers left. The factories left. The piers rotted into the river. But those of us who lived here all through that transition knew that an amazing, livable neighborhood was emerging from a century of misuse of Manhattan's Lower West Side. We've invested not just our money in the area, but our lives. Honestly, we can't believe that the Bloomberg administration would turn its back on a quarter century of progress, and destroy what hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers -- private citizens and public servants alike -- have built here."

Rosemary Kuropat (writer + photographer), partner in slover [AND] company, a design and marketing firm.

"My studio has been downtown since 1987, and I moved here to live with Rosemary in 1994. After living uptown for 17 years, I thought I might miss the convenience. But I immediately fell in love with the quality of light, the creativity in the air, the sense of possibility. When you live downtown, you live both in New York's past and its future."

Susan Slover (designer), partners in slover [AND] company, a design and marketing firm.

"Our legacy can be one of innovation and inspiration or we can surrender to another fat cat behemoth."

Suzanne Joelson, painter who has lived here 31 years.